Wildlife Designs Taxidermy offers wholesale skull cleaning and freeze drying services for other taxidermist, hunting guides, and game ranches. 

Freeze Drying is a specialized process using sublimation to preserve a specimen perfectly.  Velvet antlers that are freeze dried never loose their plumpness (unlike other methods) and will retain the velvet for as long as the mount lasts. 

Many taxidermist hate cleaning skulls because it's just not in our job description: a taxidermist means "a mover of skin" not "a cleaner of skulls." We've found cleaning skulls to be a science and taxidermy to be an art.  Although we continuously strive to be better artist we've mastered the science of cleaning skulls quickly and economically.

Here is a postcard of pricing for the most popular freeze drying and skull cleaning services.

Skull Cleaning Services:  We do the same quality job for taxidermists as we do for our hunter-clients.  We do a slow simmer (36 hours) to soften the tissue around the skull, re submerge to de-grease, whiten with peroxide, and seal the skull with Paraloid B-72 which is a museum grade sealant. We offer turn key services where we add a hanger to the skull or attach to plaque or driftwood which allows you to present a final product to the client with no additional work.  Call for prices and see link HERE for all skull options.

Freeze Drying: We use the best machine on the market which retails new for $40,000.  Our Northstar model 3600 is large enough to fit 40 sets of axis velvet antlers or any size antler from moose to caribou.  We pre-soak all velvet antlers, snakes, squirrels, and hooves in "Mount Medix" which ensures that NO BUGS will ever infest the freeze dried specimen.  Wholesale Freeze Drying is a quick way for a taxidermist to earn extra income without having to lift a finger.  Give us a call or email to discuss shipping, delivery or pickup.  If your shop is within a 2 hour radius of Austin chances are good that we can pick up and deliver.