Wildlife Designs Taxidermy offers wholesale freeze drying services for other taxidermists, hunting guides, and game ranches. We primarily freeze dry velvet antlers - we are the velvet kings!  We have freeze dried velvet antlers for whitetail, axis, pierre David, barasingha, and red stag.  No matter how bloody or hard horned the velvet antlers are, we can handle them. 

SHIPPING TO US: Put antlers or specimen in a plastic bag. Make sure nothing leaks because if blood comes out of the box, UPS or FedEx will quarantine it. Use fiberglass house insulation or newspaper to stuff into the box which will act as padding and insulation for the antlers. In the winter months you can save on shipping by using 2nd day ground. In the summer months ship next day. Mail on a Monday or Tuesday that way it doesn’t get help up over the weekend. Include all of your information: Name, phone, email, address, and instructions. When we receive the box we will call and email you. Dry Ice will help keep things frozen and will not hurt.

Freeze Drying is a specialized process that uses sublimation to preserve a specimen perfectly.  Velvet antlers that are freeze dried never lose their plumpness (unlike other methods) and will retain their velvet for as long as the mount lasts.

Freeze Drying: We use the best machine on the market which retails new for $40,000.  We have two Northstar model 3600's which are large enough to fit 40 sets of axis velvet antlers or any size antler from moose to caribou.  We pre-soak all velvet antlers in "Mount Medix" which ensures that NO BUGS will ever infest the freeze-dried specimen. 

Wholesale Freeze Drying is a quick way for a taxidermist to earn extra income without having to lift a finger.  Give us a call or email to discuss shipping, delivery or pickup.