Many people choose a skull mount (aka European mount) because it is a simple and elegant way to preserve the trophy.  The most popular options are:

  1. Skull with Hanger

  2. Skull on Natural Driftwood

  3. Skull on Walnut Plaque

We use nature to clean our skulls! Beetle cleaning is the best out there, hands down.  Each skull is thoroughly cleaned by a colony of 40,000 beetles, de-greased with acetone, whitened with hydrogen peroxide, and sealed using a museum grade sealant called Paraloid B-72.  After this process we either add a hanger or attach it either to a piece of Texas cedar driftwood or a plaque handmade from Texas Walnut or Texas Mesquite.  By the time a skull is complete, it is a true piece of Texas ingenuity and craftsmanship.

1. Skull with Hanger: This is the most basic and modern look.  Many people choose this option because of its simplicity and timelessness.  It is also easier to pick up and be passed among friends which is appealing if you want your buddies to feel the weight of the antlers.  This is also the least expensive option.

2. Skull on Driftwood:  This is the most popular option.  Each piece of Texas cedar driftwood is cut flat on the back but remains 3 dimensional on the outside.  We handpick each piece of driftwood to match the antlers on your trophy. If the antlers are heavy and atypical then we will pick a larger piece of gnarly driftwood.  If the rack is small and symmetrical then the piece of wood will match it.  The driftwood option can be hung on the wall or made to sit on a table or shelf - please specify when placing your order.

3. Skull on Plaque:  This option is almost as popular as the driftwood but has lost steam the past several years.  Just a few years ago this was the most popular option.  Each plaque is handmade starting with whole logs of Texas Walnut (pictured) or Texas Mesquite.

4. Skull on Three-Piece Plaque: The plaque can be hung on a wall or reversed to sit on a table.  This plaque also comes in Texas Walnut (pictured) or Texas Mesquite. This is the least popular and most expensive option. 

Other examples: